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Tying Down Vines at Spring Hollow Vineyard:

Spring at Spring Hollow Vineyard is a bustling time, and this year has been no different. With over 3,000 vines to manage, the task of tying them down to the trellises is monumental. Thankfully, this endeavor has been a family affair, with my wife Sally and our daughter Fiona by my side every step of the way.

The Process
Tying down the vines is a crucial step in ensuring the health and productivity of our vineyard. Each vine needs careful attention as we secure them to the trellises, guiding their growth and ensuring they are well-supported. This labour-intensive task demands patience and precision, but the results are well worth the effort.

Weathering the Elements
Working in the vineyard means embracing all kinds of weather. This spring, we’ve experienced the full spectrum: bright, sunny days that make the work enjoyable; rainy days that turn the soil to mud; misty mornings that lend a magical quality to the vineyard; and breezy, cloudy days that are perfect for working without overheating.

No matter the weather, Sally, Fiona, and I have donned our work boots and set out to ensure all of our vines are properly tied down. It’s been a test of endurance and determination, but also a testament to our commitment and passion for what we do.

New Growth
Our hard work is beginning to pay off. The shoots on our vines are now 2-3 inches long, a promising sign of the season ahead. Even more exciting, the first grape flowers are starting to show. These delicate blossoms are the precursors to the grapes that will eventually be harvested, crushed, and turned into wine.

Seeing these first signs of growth is incredibly rewarding. It reminds us why we put in the effort and motivates us to continue tending to our vineyard with the same care and dedication.

Family Effort
Working alongside Sally and Fiona has made this experience even more special. It’s not just about managing the vineyard; it’s about sharing moments and creating memories together. Whether we’re laughing under a clear blue sky or pushing through a downpour, we’re in it together.

Our vineyard is more than just a piece of land—it’s a testament to our family’s hard work, resilience, and love for what we do. Tying down the vines is just one chapter in our story, but it’s a vital one that sets the stage for a fruitful season ahead.

As we look forward to the coming months, we’re excited to see how our vineyard grows and thrives. The journey is far from over, but with each tied vine and every new shoot, we’re reminded of the beauty and rewards that come from working this land as a family.