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Spring Hollow Vineyard in Full Bloom: A Season of Sunshine and Growth

Introduction: Welcome to our vineyard blog, where we would like to share the latest updates and stories from the world of growing grapes for winemaking in South West Wales.  Join us as we explore the captivating beauty of our vineyard during the ever changing Welsh weather.

Spring Hollow Vineyard – Rondo
Inflorescence (Grape Flowers)

The enchanting display of the tiny inflorescence in bloom are delicate little clusters of flowers and the key to the vine’s reproductive cycle, transforming into the grapes that will mature over the coming months.  Although the inflorescences are self-pollinating, the bees and other pollinators are still busy amidst the vines, ensuring successful pollination and setting the stage for a fruitful harvest.

The current hot summer days are bringing abundant sunshine and warmth, creating an ideal environment for vine growth. The sunlight provides energy to the vines, nurturing them through the critical stages of flowering and fruit set, and will contribute to the development of flavourful grapes to enhance our wines.

As we embrace this unusually warm weather and witness the delicate inflorescence in our vineyards, we anticipate the upcoming harvest with excitement. Stay tuned as we document the journey from flowering to harvest and the creation of exceptionally good Welsh wines that capture the essence of our remarkable land.

Cheers to all Welsh vineyards in full bloom!