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Fast-Growing Vines and Under Vine Mowing

Welcome back to our vineyard blog, where we aim to keep you informed about the day-to-day operations at Spring Hollow Vineyard.  In this second post, we’re delving into the world of fast-growing vines like our Rondo and Solaris, and the importance of under vine mowing in maintaining a healthy vineyard ecosystem without the use of chemicals. 

One of the key aspects of vineyard management is ensuring the optimal growth and development of our vines.  Trellis systems provide a structure for the vines to grow along, allowing us to efficiently manage their growth.  By training the fast-growing vines to be tucked in and secured to the trellis wires, we create a controlled environment that encourages upward growth.  This also prevents them from sagging or sprawling across the ground.  This elevation further aids in promoting air circulation, reducing disease risks, and simplifying vineyard maintenance tasks. 

In any vineyard, managing the competition between and under the vines and other plant life is crucial.  Under vine mowing is an effective technique employed to maintain the balance between healthy vine growth and minimizing competition from weeds and other vegetation creating a clear zone around the base of each vine, reducing competition for water, nutrients, and sunlight.  This practice helps the grapevines to focus their resources on fruit production, leading to improved grape quality and yield without harsh chemical use. 

Under vine mowing also aids in preventing the growth of cover crops or weeds that can harbour pests or diseases detrimental to the vineyard. Furthermore, the mowed vegetation can be mulched, returning organic matter to the soil and enhancing its fertility, which is essential for sustainable vineyard practices. 

At our vineyard, we strive to optimize the growth of our grapevines to produce exceptional wines. Through the strategic tucking of fast-growing vines into trellis wires, we harness their potential for maximum productivity and grape quality. Additionally, our meticulous under vine mowing practices ensure that the vines face minimal competition, resulting in healthier vines and a thriving vineyard ecosystem. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the day-to-day running of our vineyard, as we continue to share insights and techniques that contribute to the cultivation of extraordinary grapes and the crafting of fine Welsh wines.